A WELCOME to SONRISE WOODCARVING STUDIO – (A WordPress Web-gallery and Blog)

Times have changed. Markets have changed. SONRISE WOODCARVING STUDIO has changed. I haven’t retired or abandoned by any means the skills and wisdom of almost forty years of woodcarving and woodworking. But I certainly have had to come to grips with the 21st century’s technology and with the reality of a global marketplace overflowing with craftspeople of every skill level creating a plethora of handwork at prices with which we in America are simply unable presently to reasonably compete.

With machines able to reproduce an endless offering of tacky garbage and even quality decorative art in just about any imaginable natural or man-made material, and with tens of thousands of competent artisans slaving away in third world countries creating passable hand-crafted woodwork and wood-resin castings to delight most casual eyes, I have opted to limit my carving and sculpture skills to those select projects that simply cannot be mass-produced or outsourced or computer-generated, which require truly creative imagination and fine design. Somewhere between five and fifteen percent of the market still appreciates such things, and searches after them.

More recently, I have partnered with a successfully retired elderly gentleman entrepreneur who I have come to respect as the last of the great sound engineers from the same creative crucibles that forged Lansing and Klipsch and Leslie and Bose, who has spent the last decade designing and perfecting what we expect will become acknowledged as the finest home theater sound system available. Shortly this Internet integrated multi-channel speaker system, which has been named the Audiolier Digital Theater will be introduced. You will have to schedule an appointment to experience the Audiolier to truly appreciate what Bill has accomplished in distortion-free instrumental and vocal reproduction, and to begin to fully understand the power and the potential of our audio-visual system to harness and unleash the evolving stream of information and entertainment being offered through the WorldWide Web by Apple TV and ROKU and others. You can discover more about Audiolier Digital Theaters at http://www.audiolier.com/

This web portfolio showcases some of my past woodcarving and woodworking: A photo record of several decades. Thank you for appreciating my work. I am available to consider commissions. I especially enjoy creating Coats-of-Arms.

For the moment, this site is going to remain primarily a portfolio.  My new venture is demanding an enormous amount of time and creative energy, and I am giving what’s left over to my long-suffering lovely wife.  If you want to chat about some special project I can be contacted by email and we can develop your idea.

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To the Glory of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ

R. Stephan Toman