Monthly Archives: November 2014

Let me say “hello”

I want to welcome you to the reinvention of Sonrise Woodcarving Studio.  It has been quite some time in coming.  Marilyn and I have been on a long pilgrimage and a process of internal recalculation  since the housing bubble burst and then more recently since Hurricane Sandy reorganized the priorities of most of my remaining potential customers.  The journey we began in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York has brought us down to Fort Mill, South Carolina, about twelve miles below Charlotte.  We don’t believe we are going to be here permanently, but it’s home for the time being.  (You can get some more background info at my other blog:, if you are really interested.)

Among other things, this shift from working behind the scenes in the up-scale housing industry, through trying to make a living selling chainsaw bears to tourists in the Poconos, to rethinking life at a Christian training center in the deep south has awakened in me a creative spark and an artistic fire that had been long suppressed, and I am now fanning that flame in very personally exciting ways.  These experiments and their fruits will be shared on this blog, and I certainly would appreciate your feedback.

I do look forward to the conversations that will develop here in the days ahead.   For the time being, at least until I understand WordPress and blogging and this theme better, I am going to be putting the comment stuff on this page.   I know that the theme I am using has all sorts of bells and whistles built into it, but I have no idea yet how to use them, and the book I bought on using WordPress is 600 pages thick and is as hard to understand as the ancient Greek I studied in college thirty-five years ago. (When I first met a computer I was stoned and for an early assignment I had to try to code and organize a stack of punch cards to make a FORTRAN program work… I forgot to number the cards, and I dropped the stack.  I gave up on science and computers, became an art major,  and dropped out of college shortly thereafter when the National Guard shot the students at Kent State.  I didn’t go back to school for a decade:  That’s when I studied the Greek.  Needless to say, I am not particularly adept with technology.)

I am, however, very competent at carving and sculpture and creative things, and at things biblical, and all of that can be the subject of stimulating and delightful conversation.

God bless