A Small Table-Top Carving Easel

Before I could continue with this small tile, I realized I needed a more efficient carving easel.  I like to carve much of the time at home rather than in my rather small workshop which is presently at a distance from where we are living and is cold during the winter months and has to be heated by a space heater that only partially takes the chill off.  As much as I can I prefer  to hang out where I can talk with my wife and take breaks on the computer or by reading a book.

Anyhow, since these bas-relief tiles are all going to be in the 12”x 12” or small range, I came up with this simple fold up easel made from ¾” plywood that will clamp to my table.  It cost maybe $15 for the materials and a couple of hours of time to build.

The spacers are made from scrap Corafoam and hold the tile in the center of the easel at a convenient working height.  The easel is hinged at the bottom so that I can set it at several different angles as I might need them.

I can see a number of ways to “improve” the design and make it a bit more convenient.  And I’m sure I’ll discover some tweaks that it will need as I stumble across problems that I haven’t anticipated.  But for now I think that it will work just fine as I set about this enterprise of creating these master carvings for the resin castings.

CarvingEasel 001 CarvingEasel 004

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