Sonrise Woodcarving Studio: TERMS of SERVICE


· Ballpark bids and thumbnail sketches of possible ideas will be provided without charge.

· If a commission carving or sculpture is requested and the commission is accepted a non-refundable design retainer of 50%* of the commissioned work will be expected at the time of the commission to secure a position on the back-order queue, or to begin work if no back-order is present.

For smaller work the balance of payment will be due upon completion.
If the client does not accept the piece, then the finished work will remain in the possession of Sonrise Woodcarving Studio.

For larger work, a schedule of payments may be negotiated and the client
will be kept closely informed regarding the progress of the project so
that satisfaction is guaranteed.  There will be no refunds for work not accepted.

· Custom commissioned designs will be developed in close communication with the commissioning client, but must ultimately remain solely under the creative control of R. Stephan Toman.  In every case the finished carving or sculpture necessarily will be the design AS INTERPRETED by the artist, and should be understood and accepted as such by the client.

· For small work, the price will either be by the piece as set, or by the hour

My shop hourly rate is currently $45. This rate is subject to change, but will not change if a commission has been accepted and a contract negotiated.

· Mileage (if significant) will be billed separately @ $.55/mile

· Custom creative design work will be charged at $75 per hour and will be invoiced separately

· Purchased drawings  will belong to the commissioning client

· Design copyrights will belong to Sonrise Woodcarving Studio/R.Stephan Toman unless purchased by the Commissioning client

· Chainsaw Sculptures will be priced according to their separate price schedule. (Please request)

· Hand-carved Signs will be priced according to their separate price schedule. (Please request)

· Applique’ detailing on signs will be billed at $45 per hour.

 Family Crests and Coats-of-Arms will be priced according to their own schedule.

· Special finishing and other such services and treatments will be invoiced separately from the standard commission pricing or sign pricing lists.

· All products and services are subject to all appropriate state and federal taxes

· Delivery and installation charges will be invoiced separately

All rates are subject to change without notice, but will not change during a negotiation already in progress or during the execution of a signed contract.

Sonrise Woodcarving Studio accepts liability ONLY for those aspects of a project over which it has direct control and is in no way responsible for installations by third parties not directly supervised by Sonrise Woodcarving Studio.  An unconditional guarantee applies only to the use of premium materials and to craftsmanship.  We cannot be responsible for on-site environmental issues with wood products beyond the reasonable attention to the time-honored practices of woodworking.  We will make every effort in good faith to resolve any issues that may arise to the client’s satisfaction.