Sonrise Woodcarving Studio

a gallery of past and current creativity by

R. Stephan Toman

~master woodsculptor & artist~


Please enjoy this portfolio of photographs of carvings, sculptures, and other woodworks that I have accomplished over the past years as I have explored and refined the gifts that I have been blessed with, which I did not even know were in me until I stumbled across them when I took up wild bird carving as a therapeutic hobby in 1984 on the backside of an intensive ten-year pursuit of my theological training.  Our Father made my hobby my “tentmaking” vocation in 1986 through which He has ever since been teaching me about Himself,  His Creation,  and His plans and purposes as our Creator, and He finally convinced me that the woodworking was “good enough for My Boy:  It’s good enough for you” about fifteen years later, when I at last began to become comfortable with the idea of His change of my plans for my life as a minister.  Sonrise Woodcarving Studio was born out of the  Spirit of God challenging me and aiding me through my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, who had saved me from myself twelve years earlier in May of 1974, and whatever good has come of it has been because of Him.

“To God be the Glory”.

Our lives were radically disrupted by the collapse of the “housing bubble” in the Northeast, and then by Hurricane Sandy, which motivated my wife and me to move to the Carolinas, and now I am recovering from some health issues, so the Studio has been “reduced” in size and scope of work considerably for the past several years.  This spring we are on the rebound.  Currently, I am mostly limiting myself to sculpting smaller pieces, and coats-of-arms, and to selected inspiring commission work, but I am always open to discussing a project with you.  So please, share your thoughts with me if you are considering something unique in the way of fine woodcarving or wood-sculpture.