I appreciate deeply that you have an interest in these original sculptural artworks. Each piece is a hand-finished resin casting which I have produced from a silicone mold created from an original master tile. The master tiles for my relief pieces are sometimes carved from wood using traditional tools; are sometimes carved in High Density Urethane foam ( “HDU”): which has properties that I find more helpful and more environmentally responsible than, especially, those of rare woods, at least for some applications; or are sculpted in clays and waxes as seem appropriate to the subject of the piece. Each casting is painted by myself or by my wife as an original studio artwork using professional artists’ acrylics and is sealed with archival varnish. No two paintings are duplicates: They are not intended to be.

All of my designs are original and will be released as signed limited editions. They are my equivalent of “prints” of my carvings and sculptures; an effort to make the beauty of original sculpture and refined American craftsmanship more accessible and affordable.  I will number each tile of a specific pattern and will discontinue each pattern when it’s run is completed. At this time I have a set of patterns already on file for the hummingbird designs and for the dragonfly designs, and will continue to create new designs to add to these sets: I anticipate a significant selection to accumulate in time. There will be other tile series as well.

Please visit my Facebook page at   if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning one of these tiles.  All the information you need to order a tile is posted there.