Our offerings include, but are not limited to:  

~Traditional Woodcarving~Unique Custom Furniture~Wall Art & Sculptures~

~Family Crests & Coats of Arms~Wildlife Carvings~Chainsaw Carving & Sculpture

~Mantels, Mantelpieces, and Fireplace Surrounds~ Architectural Wood Carvings~

~Trout stream and Koi Pond Coffee Tables and Bars~ African Drums & Sculpture

~Inspirational Sculptures and Furnishings for Kingdom Christians and Church Fellowships~

Exceptional Hand Carved Signs & Logos

Sonrise Woodcarving Studio

R.Stephan Toman ~ master woodsculptor

Serving since  1986


fine traditional and contemporary woodcarving


refined chainsaw carving and sculpture

to discerning clients.  


For most of the past two and a half decades I have been carving heirloom quality reproduction mantelpieces and other “classical” applications using traditional tools and time-honored techniques.  I can reproduce details from any period and can make repairs to damaged carvings. At this point in time I do not build furniture, other than fireplace mantelpieces, nor do I do any finishing work, but I am able to work closely with your designers and builders on any custom projects.  All my work is by custom commission, and is accomplished in close communication with my clients.