• For many years I was the primary carver for William H. Jackson Company of Manhattan, recreating spectacular period fireplace surrounds and other architectural details for clients from the Hamptons to Palm Beach to Beverly Hills. This traditional carving led me into an interest in heraldry and to designing and carving coats-of-arms, which display such classic artforms at their highest levels.  For those who have a desire to memorialize their family history and to pass it on to future generations in a truly grand way, I offer my skills.  Several examples of coats-of-arms are showcased in this portfolio. I can work with you to richly portray your family’s awarded arms, or we can work together to create something completely original that begins a new chapter in your legacy.

 For some time I have been intrigued by owls and have been finding them unendingly enjoyable to carve. I usually have some pieces available, or I can create something unique for you.

 There are some 240 species of hummingbirds, all native to the Americas and all stunningly beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. They make fascinating subjects for three dimensional art. Please share with me your thoughts for hummingbird motifs.  And, of course, I certainly can carve other birds besides hummers and owls.

 I am a passable fly-fisherman and earlier lived in the trout-country of New York and Pennsylvania. Trout and char are among the most colorful of freshwater fish and I went through a “phase” where I focused on wall sculptures of them.  There are several examples of these sculptures in the portfolio.  If you have other fish in mind, of course, please ask.  I not only carve the pieces but also do my own painting and finishing, and am able to create sculptural assemblies and settings as well as individual characters.  I have many patterns developed for koi ponds and for trout streams that are created as coffee tables, bars, and other functional furnishings, and as decorative wall art.  Please ask about these.

 When asked to do so I create “chainsaw” sculptures, both standalone pieces and “stump carvings” done on-site in living and dead trees. These can be of any subject  a client might desire.  The complexity and originality of these wildwood artworks is limited only by the budget allotted to the project.  Such carving can also be incorporated into structures to add interest and unique character.  I also accomplish more refined “wildwood” sculptures at higher levels of detail than most chainsaw art permits.