Chainsaw Bears

Realistic Chainsaw Black Bear Sculpture
Large Humorous Chainsaw Bear
Simple Chainsaw Bear Carving
Aggressive Black Bear Chainsaw Sculpture









Bears Faces in Oak Stump

5 thoughts on “Chainsaw Bears

  1. Realistic Chainsaw Black Bear Sculpture: This sculpture was done primarily as a personal challenge. The whole piece is about nine feet tall. The red oak log was 42″ in diameter. The odd looking “hat” on the bear is a laughing raven: The photo didn’t turn out very well. This piece priced at $6500.00 when it was completed, not including the log, which was donated by a local mill and itself was valued in the $7000.00 range had it been turned into veneer.

  2. Aggressive Black Bear Chainsaw Sculpture: This big bear stands by a woodland lake in Northeast Pennsylvania. Early one morning there was a living, breathing, boar bear facing off against the unwelcome challenger in his territory. It was quite amusing.

  3. Simple Chainsaw Bear Carving: The standard of chainsaw carving is the black bear. It was probably the first critter ever hacked out of a log by whoever thought up the idea of using a chainsaw to make art.

  4. Large Humorous Chainsaw Bear: This big bear stands some six feet tall. One night a fellow, quite drunk and walking back to his campsite from the bar, took a fancy to him and somehow managed to drag him a quarter of a mile through the woods to his truck. The police discovered the bear a few weeks later twenty miles away in the man’s yard. The poor guy was so sincerely apologetic that I ended up becoming friends with him, became a fishing buddy, got him going back to church, got him to stop the drinking, helped him put his marriage back together (which was the problem that had started the binge), and walked with him through the legal mess stealing my bear had gotten him into. The whole affair made the local news and ended up inspiring a number of other folks as well. We never did figure out how he managed to carry the bear by himself.

  5. Bears Faces in Oak Stump: It seemed a waste to not do something with this chunk of oak, so I carved a bear’s face on each side of it rather than turn the log into firewood that wasn’t needed. The piece has taken on a nice patina now and has some bracket fungus growing on it which adds character. It is for sale.

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