Chainsaw Eagles

Chainsaw Eagle On Nest






Chainsaw Black Oak Eagle









Chainsaw Bald Eagle Bust









Chainsaw Eagle Bust








Chainsaw Eagle Bust








Chainsaw Eagle Bust








Red Cedar Eagle Bust








Cedar Chainsaw Eagle Carving

3 thoughts on “Chainsaw Eagles

  1. Chainsaw Eagle On Nest: We once lived in eagle country, and I was commissioned to carve this Bald Eagle to sit on an aerie that was built on a storm snapped pine in a yard. The carving is about twenty-five feet off the ground and not too far off the road, and I was told that folks come close to wrecking as they drive by and first see it.

  2. Chainsaw Black Oak Eagle: A storm had toppled a black oak tree in the forest and it seemed a waste to chop up such beautifully formed wings into firewood.

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