Chainsaw Fish Carvings

Black Oak Chainsaw Trout Sculpture





Chainsaw carved Sockeye Salmon





Chainsaw Carved Largemouth Bass






Leaping Bass Chainsaw Carving

4 thoughts on “Chainsaw Fish Carvings

  1. Black Oak Chainsaw Trout Sculpture: This 4′ long trout was carved from a deadfall black oak limb that came down in a storm in the Catskills. The sculpture, shown painted in another section of this site, became part of a taxidermy sign.

  2. Chainsaw carved Sockeye Salmon: This three foot long Sockeye Salmon was carved from a cherry limb that was blown down in a storm.

  3. Chainsaw Carved Largemouth Bass: This lunker largemouth was carved from a chunk of Carolina swamp cedar and is about 30″ long. It was stolen in the Fort Mill, SC area by some overappreciative fan of my work, so if you happen to see it on someone’s porch, please remind him that he owes me $325, and he can send me the check whenever he would find it convenient.

  4. Leaping Bass Chainsaw Carving: This striking bass was carved from a chunk of white pine that was left by the side of the road by the line crew clearing the poles on a Catskills highway.

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