Still More Mantels

An 18th Century English Fireplace Surround






Elaborate English Mantel Applique Frieze Carving



Hand Carved Moldings from Fireplace Surrounds

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  1. 18th Century English Fireplace Surround: This is a typical surround that I built and carved while working with William H. Jackson Company of Manhattan. Together we created some of the finest reproduction fireplace surrounds in North America and installed them in homes and businesses from the Hamptons to Hollywood to Park Avenue and Palm Beach. I can never fully express my gratefulness to the opportunities that Bob Nelson gave to me while I worked with him over the twenty-five years of our association.

  2. English Mantel Applique Frieze Carving: This is the frieze detail from another Jackson surround. A carving like this would usually be done in three sections that would be glued and bradded to the frieze panel of the surround. Each surround was custom fitted to its space, so each time I created a carving I would redraw the pattern to fit the specific surround we were building: Each finished carving was unique, with every detail positioned and proportioned to the job, and with all the moldings precisely carved and centered with elaborately fitted and finished miters. This is what custom hand-craftsmanship is all about: The difference between art and even the highest quality production furniture from “big-box” suppliers.

  3. Hand Carved Moldings: These are typical handcarved moldings from a fireplace surround showing the clarity and depth of true gouge carving. There is no comparison between hand-carved molding and the pressed or “machine-carved” moldings available on the market. Better detailing can be found. True hand-carved moldings from Asia can be purchased, and modern resin casting has achieved amazing results in reproducing a plethora of classic patterns. However, neither of these options offers the beauty of properly centered details or properly finished miters and must resort to some sort of corner key block treatments or to simply a “make do” mitering of the joints where the corner details simply do not meet correctly. Only a truly hand crafted and hand carved length of molding can ensure that every element of the design “works” together… You get what you pay for.

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