Memorial Panel








Console Style Media Center







Carved Rabbi’s Lecturn








Deacons Bench

4 thoughts on “Furniture

  1. Memorial Panel: I designed this mahogany panel for an alumni society to display the names of past club presidents.

  2. Console Style Media Center: I designed and built this entertainment center as a prototype of an internet integrated home theater audio-visual console. It has a sound that rivals the finest commercial theater. At this time the designs are tested and proven, but are still undeveloped. This unit is only one of a series of ideas that I have drawn up as options to fit a wide range of home and office interior spaces. The audio engineer that I was working with whose genius created the phenomenal sound of these units became unstable, and the project died, and I have been hoping for someone who believes in a wonderful idea to come along and help me bring these amazing devices to market. They are the most beautiful sounding furniture in the world.

  3. Carved Rabbi’s Lecturn: The rabbi’s lecturn for a synagogue in the Hudson Valley in New York. This piece is an original design and is made from hundred and twenty-five year old red oak that I discovered stashed in a barn near Millbrook, New York.

  4. Deacons Bench: This whimsical deacon’s bench displays both intaglio and appliqué floral designs. I made this many years ago as a gift.

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