Taxidermist’s Sign






A Whimsical Lake House Sign







Simple Church Sign







Elegant New England Sign







Intaglio Garden Center Sign









Beautiful Estate Sign







Maple Tree Gallery Sign







Horse Country Sign






Federal Eagle Sign





August Sign











































5 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Taxidermist’s Sign: This sign was carved in redwood many years ago. Whitetail Studios has since become one of the world’s premiere taxidermy studios, known especially for museum quality African and Asian mounts and dioramas created my the master hand of Frank Zitz.

  2. Intaglio Garden Center Sign: This sign was also carved “intaglio” where all detail is incised and the shadows are reversed to fool the eye.

  3. Maple Tree Gallery Sign: I carved the corner leaves of this little sign “intaglio”, a reverse shadow technique.

  4. Federal Eagle Sign: This striking federal eagle, carved in Honduras mahogany, painted with enamels, and gilded with 23K gold leaf is my interpretation of an eagle that was the sternboard of a ship that sank off the Outer Banks of North Carolina sometime after the Civil War. I think it is one of the most elegant federal eagle designs of that period of American history that I have run across.

  5. August Restaurant Sign: This beautiful little sign was made for a restaurant in Greenwich Village. The sign was carved in mahogany. The onions were cast from my sculpted master into resin. The iron work was my design and was handwrought by a master blacksmith that I knew.

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