Spiritual Designs

Christus Rex Sculpture
Carved Rabbi’s Lecturn








The Anchor Cross
Anchor Cross








Celtic Cross








Cross Logo
Cross Logo
















Arise My Beloved





Rise Up on Eagle’s Wings















Seek First God’s Kingdom





















8 thoughts on “Spiritual Designs

  1. Christus Rex Sculpture: This “Christus Rex” figure is about 3′ tall, carved in basswood. The cross is paduak, an African hardwood. The design is based on a small Germany ivory piece. I created this sculpture for my father-in-law’s church as a gift for the retiring pastor.

  2. Carved Rabbi’s Lecturn: This lectern stands in the First Hebrew Congregation in Peekskill, NY. It was made to complement an older piece that had been made by a carver who had escaped the War and had given a beautiful lectern to the synagogue many years earlier. The design is my own, drawing upon Old Testament themes with which, thankfully, I was familiar because of my training in the scriptures.

  3. The Anchor Cross: This large “Anchor Cross” is in a Lutheran Church in New Jersey. I carved this piece in HDU (High Density Urethane foam) and finished it with very high quality metalic paints.

  4. Celtic Cross: I am particularly fond of Celtic designs: They are delightful to carve and make wonderful eye-candy. Celtic crosses have a timeless quality about them. This is one of a number I have made over the years. It is carved in mahogany.

  5. Rise Up on Eagle’s Wings: “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings as eagles.”

  6. BAS RELIEF INTERPRETATION OF CHRIST’S PARABLE OF THE LILIES AND THE BIRDS I have done several of these wall panels of the parables over the past years. “Consider the lilies of the field. They don’t labor but God clothes them richer than kings. Consider the birds. God provides everything they need. Why stress yourself to an early grave worrying about things you can’t control? Relax and find your rest in the Lord. Jesus Christ has promised to watch your back if you will let Him. So let Him. Life works better that way.”

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