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  1. HI!!!
    Been a long time
    How are you and your wife?
    Where are you living? How is your health? RU keeping busy?
    Things here are good
    I had a stroke about 2 years age. no residual effects!! Lucky
    Marilyn had her knee replaced but still has osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Both dogs Jack and Jill are gone and are missed. we have great mutt COOKIE.. male,,
    Other that that.. good,, retired almost 7 years.. Luv It!
    Best Regards
    Stu and Marilyn Baker

    1. It has been a loooong time, Stu. We’re living in Rock Hill, South Carolina, about 22 miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina…enjoying the milder winters and finally trying to get myself back into the business of sculpture and art. We ended up down here after Sandy wiped out my customers up in Milford. I am one year into recovering from having both knees replaced and it looks like I am going to have to replace at least the left hip right along as well. All that heavy carving work and youthful abuse of my body is catching up to me. I’m never going to actually be able to retire, so I have to keep finding ways to be creative. You can follow me on Facebook now and see some of the new ideas I’m working on to try and even the playing field with Asia.

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