Unusual Things

Intarsia Sunface
Large Burl Relief Carving









Small Carousel Horse










Carved Deer Rifle





Carved Deer Rifle













HorseHead Finial









4 thoughts on “Unusual Things

  1. Large Burl Relief Carving: This is an exceptionally large “red mallee” eucalyptus burl from Australia, about 4′ across the diagonal. I incised a poem by Loyal Marion Thompson called “the Mountain Tree” into the surface and then interpreted the poem as a relief carving. The poem reads: “A Mountain Tree, if it would see the far horizons and the stars, may never know a sheltered place nor grow symmetric in grace; such trees must battle doggedly the blasts and bear the scars.

  2. Carved Deer Rifle: I spent a cold winter making this Model 98 Mauser as my deer rifle. A few years later a fellow I worked with decided he liked it better than I did and apparently took it with him when he disappeared into the northwoods of Washington state. I since have replaced it with a recurve crossbow. The stock is black walnut with thick birds-eye maple inlays. The carving is raised relief and covers the entire stock.

  3. Liberty Torch: “those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin

  4. GOOGLEFISH: I call this a googlefish. It started out as a clipart design I grabbed off the web. It is carved in mahogany.

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