Owls in Windows and Holes

Barn Owls in Barn Window








One thought on “Owls in Windows and Holes

  1. Barn Owls in Barn Window: Barn owls are gregarious ghosts that haunt old structures and are often seen staring from dark corners like grey aliens. They seemed to me to be perfect subjects to put in a shadowbox frame as relief carvings. This is my first such experiment. I am quite satisfied with it. The owls are carved in HDU foam. I am also going to make related pieces with screech owls, saw whet owls, and elf owls as the subjects. I may try larger pieces as well with barred owls. Since owls also inhabit holes, I expect I will create similar pieces for wall sculptures that emulate slabs of tree bark rather than old windows. This piece I am pricing at $400.00

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